Sonntag, Januar 21, 2007

Didi&Stulle- The Hype (3)

Drawing comic in 12 hours is great expression for great emotion!
People cry, people laugh, people dance, people angry, people stress, but finally people HAPPY!!
You go make comic in 12 hours, then you say: That is truth!!
When our comic book published is I say hello again!!
Until then I say good-bye and many THANK YOU all for great time!!!


Felo hat gesagt…

Die Seiten sehen ja richtig fett aus!
Ich bin echt gespannt, den Comic werd ich mir wohl gleich mal vorbestellen müssen, das will ich von nahem sehen!

Die Autoreifenmitverbrennerin hat gesagt…

Ohhh now I cry because I not hear about the occasion of people cry and people laugh and people draw comic. I no live in Köln anymore and sometimes I cry that I no live in Berlin too. You understand the complication of have comic ideas but not draw comic.

Anyway nice Fotos of comicdrwers and comiccryers but I see you only one time in Fotos.

Do you draw one time 12 hours or you wait and make a break like Pause or something like zat?

Well I suppose it fun to draw comic in 12 hours. How you do it? Is comic now in shop to buy then I buy me one. Nice comic I say.

Tank you