Donnerstag, August 09, 2007

2nd prize

Hello my little rain-dears!!
Last week I have been told that I won the 2nd prize of the JUNIOR Comic Book Challenge.
JUNIOR is a little children's magazine from Switzerland which can be found in many stores around Switzerland and Germany.
Unfortunately I didn'get the monthly cartoon job, but, hey, I got glory, practise...and money...
The task consisted in creating four characters and drawing one of the panels described in a script.
These are the pics I made for the challenge.


sadia hat gesagt…

Wow!!! Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Das nächste Mal wird's bestimmt der erste Platz! *g* Die Charaktere gefallen mir gut, so wie du sie gezeichnet hast! :)

Wahoony hat gesagt…

Mir gefallen die Figuren auch super. Haben etwas von TKKG oder ??? mit nem modernen Touch.