Donnerstag, September 20, 2007

Badger time!

Hello you guys out there!

This time I'd like to show the world a birthday badger. I drew this friendly animal for Johannes Wolters the famous founder of the INDAC (International Nights and Days of Animation Cologne).
He gave a splendid birthday party showing us the newest Pixar movie Ratatouille...
What a lovely movie! Now I even more wish to have a small little house rat (which can also cook me some spaghettis?).
Enjoy the other birthday badgers too by the way...

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sadia hat gesagt…

Hach! ALLE haben den Film schon gesehen... nur ich nicht. =__= Felo meinte, er hätte mich bei diesem INDAC auch angemeldet, aber ich glaube, da muss was schief gelaufen sein... ^^;
nya, den Dachs find ich gut! =D