Samstag, Oktober 20, 2007


I still feel a little dizzy after the Book Fair in Frankfurt or maybe it's the sweet alcoholic exhalations of the Copic markers I'm training with *giggle*.
The results can be seen above, I really start to like the "handmade" stuff.

Speaking of stuff. I'd like to present you my favorite comic book stuff I brought home from the Book Fair. Both consist in very different approaches of autobiographical stories:

1. Mawil: Action Sorgenkind
I laughed very much because of Mon Cheries, Graffiti, Hitman and Hippies!
2. Tobi Dahmen: Sperrbezirk
Heartbreaking stories about the first love (of course), cute little mouses (I almost cried there......ok, I DID cry!) and about playing football with Metallica.

Support our local heroes and buy it!!

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