Donnerstag, Juni 28, 2007

Rock Band

Okay, okay, I promise-
That's the last picture of PONYXPRESS I'm going to show you.
Finally we've got one pic where we're ALL TOGETHER (musketeer-like, yeah!)!!

In the background you can also take a closer look at our lost PONYXPRESS member Potato Sack pony!!

Mittwoch, Juni 20, 2007

Cosplay Kitty

I made this drawing during the Comic Con in Munich under the influence of superheroes, Cosplay and BDSM-Girlies. Somehow I had to work it all up...

Und jetzt mal aufgepasst, Ihr deutschsprechenden Web-Surfisten.
Ein neuer Blog ist in der Stadt. Und zwar einer, der es sich zur Aufgabe macht den deutschen Comicmarkt zu retten...Oder ihn zumindest ein wenig aufzumischen.
Ich will gar nicht lang drumherum tippen. Checkt diesen von Klaus Gehrmann ins digitale Leben gerufenen Blog doch mal selber aus!

Viel Spaß&Erleuchtung dabei!!

Montag, Juni 11, 2007

München 2007

Ypeee, I survived another Comic Con!!
This time it was the Comic-Con in Munich and of course PONYXPRESS , the ABBA of Independent Comics had to be there!!

Not only Punky Pony Andreas won the highly appreciated prize Der Goldene Spacken, we ALSO published our first comic book sampler RODEO (order now!)!!
In addition Porno Pony Ans De Bruin published the second volume of Spieltrieb (order now, dude!) and Panic Pony Spong made it with Halbstark (order again, dude!)...

Did I mention that we rock?