Sonntag, Juli 29, 2007


Hey ho you happy hippos!

Two days ago I made a few scribbles of one of my favorite painters: Caravaggio.
I just love his dramatic gestures, the way he works with light and shadow and the sometimes very "physical" way of depicting humans.
Who knows why he portrayed himself so often as a chopped-off head.
...And I thought only girls have a deranged self-perception, tztztz...

Sonntag, Juli 22, 2007


Hello friendlings!
Time is short in these days and I'm almost happy that it has been raining so often... That way it didn't hurt me so much that I had to work inside.
Finally I've found the time to go on with my Quarks- Comic book, I'm almost finished with another 10- pager.
This time I wanted to post a tiny "midnight scribble", one of the quick sketches I do right before I go to bed!...Bless the sketch book!!

Oh, this week my dear friend and collegue Martin Armbruster sent me an INCREDIBLE piece of "Street Art" Animation...
Go to this page, 4th July 2007, and check out the video titled "Blu's Wall Animation"!!!

Montag, Juli 09, 2007

Simpsons olé!!

Hey ho Simpsons- Fans!!
Today I just want to show you an interview with the very charming Jenny Moeller, a talented girl from Cologne- City who found her luck as an animator (or animatress?) at the "Simpsons".

Here are a few words about her work on the upcoming "Simpsons"- Movie!!