Samstag, Oktober 27, 2007

Ponys auf Tour...

Hey ihr Pony- Liebhaber!!

PonyXPress gibts live, leider ohne Mistress Ans, am Samstag, den 3.11.07 von 10-17h auf der Comicbörse in der Stadthalle Köln- Mülheim!!!
Wer also gerade Lust hat auf kuscheliges Börsengegrabbel und wimmelkistenbefleckte ölige Finger, der möge doch gerne vorbeischauen!!
Es würde unser Herz sehr erfreuen!!!

Samstag, Oktober 20, 2007


I still feel a little dizzy after the Book Fair in Frankfurt or maybe it's the sweet alcoholic exhalations of the Copic markers I'm training with *giggle*.
The results can be seen above, I really start to like the "handmade" stuff.

Speaking of stuff. I'd like to present you my favorite comic book stuff I brought home from the Book Fair. Both consist in very different approaches of autobiographical stories:

1. Mawil: Action Sorgenkind
I laughed very much because of Mon Cheries, Graffiti, Hitman and Hippies!
2. Tobi Dahmen: Sperrbezirk
Heartbreaking stories about the first love (of course), cute little mouses (I almost cried there......ok, I DID cry!) and about playing football with Metallica.

Support our local heroes and buy it!!

Freitag, Oktober 05, 2007

Love's labour lost

Salve amici!

Finally! I'm proud to tell that I've got 50 (in words fifty) pages of short comic stories ready to be printed. Next week on the book fair I'll find out WHO will print them, but I'm quite optimistic about it...
Here's a short excerpt of my latest short story "Vergebene Liebesmüh"("Love's labour lost") which can be FULLY enjoyed if speaking German. A beautiful language which is always worth to be spoken as you can see in this short spot.
Enjoy, meine Schnitzel!!